2017 OECD STI Scorebeord with comments by Bruno Lindorfer


The 2017 OECD STI-Scoreboard is focussed on ICT.

The EU 28 contries do show an alarmingly poor performance in ICT in the global competition. On average more than 75% of all 2012-15 global emerging ICT technologies stem from the USA, Japan, Korea, China und Taiwan.

In Artificial Intelligence (AI) patents the EU 28 show an alarmingly poor performance.   Die „BIG 5“ (JPN, KOR, USA, TWN, CHN) do held approx. 90% of all  AI patents, globally. The small Korea alone has more AI-patents than all EU 28 all toghether! Germany (4%) and France (2%) are very poor at Artificial Intelligence patents in the global competiton.

The EU 28, too, have a very weak performance in „Machine Learning“ (ML).  The USA are the global leader regardgin „top-cited scientific publications related to machine learning“. CHINA follows on rank 2.

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